Climate Camp Chiemsee from 25th- 29th September 2019

Program is ready!

Donation call for the Klimacamp kitchen

Autumn is harvest time. Do you have a surplus of vegetables, herbs or
fruit in the garden or on your farm? Have you just pressed fresh apple
juice or your grandpa wants to give you big amounts of vegan chocolate
cake? We are very happy if you can support the climate camp kitchen with
food donations.
the following things are welcome for example:
– vegetables & fruits
– jam, compote
– fresh or dried spices
– juices and syrup
– Flour, oatmeal, lentils …
If you want to bring something, please write us in advance what you
would contribute and how much of it. Then we can plan in advance and
look forward to it!

Call for contributions
announcement 26.05.19

In what times do we live? In what world do we want to live? And how do we get there? With these questions in mind, the climate camp Chiemsee dedicates itself to a wide variety of resistance and rebuilding. To help us, we need you and your ideas! We are looking for people who want to join us in creating this camp. The climate camp is a place to live utopias and meet with other members of the climate justice movement. At the camp we are looking to use lectures, workshops, skillsharings and free exchange of ideas; to analyse power structures and hierarchies; and find, live and establish alternatives to capitalism. We are all in this together, free to share our knowledge and abilities spontaneously and without needing any special qualifications. Without taking any from this spontaneity, we would still like to create a program beforehand. We are looking for contributions on the above topics, or others that might be of interest to you or your fellow activists, such as: action trainings, strategies, action types, networking methods, dealing with repression or other approaches to the question: “how do we reach climate justice and social justice?” The climate camp at Chiemsee is happening from the 25th to the 29th of September in Chieming on the Chiemsee. More information can be found on this page. Please write us an email with your ideas at:
We look forward to your contributions and collaboration!