Address: Tippidorf Venusberg /Oberhochstätter Str. 3/83339 Chieming

Site and Sitemap

Above the lake and the village of Chieming – situated on the Venusberg. Wonderful view of the Chiemsee and the Chiemgau Alps. Directly next to the organic farm, surrounded by meadows. 5 minutes walk to the lake, village and forest.

Approach to the campsite

By car or bus:
Take the A8 Munich-Salzburg take the exit Grabenstätt / Chieming. Drive towards Chieming and turn right just after the town sign. Up the mountain, past the pub “Berghof.” TO the left you will see a meadow, the farm, campsite and tipi village (about 200m). Park just next to the driveway. Alternatively take the bus from the train station at Priem to Chieming.

For everyone hitchhiking we recommend the classic: Hitchwiki. If you are going up or down the A8, try to get dropped off at Grabenstätt. It should be easy enough to tramp into Chieming from there. IF you get stuck, feel free to call us we will come pick you up. It won’t hurt to try walking, having a look around, and only calling if it’s an emergency.

To everyone arriving by bike:
Organise yourselves, or talk to us and we can organise together to get a bike group together to come from Munich or similar. We will try and organise a local guide to take you in.

Arriving by train, aim for the station Übersee. From there either join the hitchhikers, or wait for our shuttle (more details and timetable on that to follow).

Finally, a little creed: don’t let anyone tell you how to move. Long for travel and aim for the unexpected. Space is not offered. Space wants to be conquered and even fought for.