Our climate camp is slowly growing, and with it the program. We are happy to introduce our first participants. In future many things will keep springing up on this page!

“History and present of non-violent anarchism (de)
With a special focus on radical environmentalism and
the anti-nuclear movement. Imagined by Lou Marin from Marseille, at the camp Wednesday and Thursday.


Argumentation training (de)
Right slogans and “arguments” have meanwhile  entered everyday life.
In order to counteract this, we will try out strategies and methods to overcome the first moments of fright. Its about learning to refute inhumane statements . “We must not keep silent. “


Introduction to a antifascist and leftist  perspective (de)
“System Change – Not Climate Change. Especially the first part has been proclaimed for several centuries by different groups and individuals. Above all, “leftist” and “anti-fascist” groups demand for a system change to get out of consumption and competition, which includes fighting for climate justice. But what about these groups? Which definitions are imposed on them and which ones do they give themselves? How have the different currents in the groups changed to this day? “