(“an elementary textbook that serves as an introduction to a subject of study”)

“Organisation is, when many parts come together and work as one towards a goal. Climate camp is a goal, but also a catchword and can quickly become a “this is how it’s meant to look” word. We will, as long as we continue to be organised, keep going back and forth to fill an expectation that we have for ourselves. Yet, we still will be clear: we are always breaking new ground. Fluctuating between principles and jargon is part of the process, the border between filling something with life and your life filling up with something is blurry at times. Building resistance and resilient building can be planned, but might just happen regardless.” We wanted to get a point across with this little exert from out climate camp primer: We are not a scene, but a momentary in the resistance.

We all know that the idea that a good argument, information, knowledge, reflection, can all be useful weapons against the complacency of society is completely wrong. We know, because we were ourselves examples of this type of thinking, maybe we even still are. Action is the way to political education. Action is the way to understand justice. There is no weapon against the complacency of others, maybe there is no way to fight complacency available to us at all. But there are tools for responsibility and participation. The climate camp may be a small, artistic space, but it is also an action. As the actors that we all are and were and should always aim to be, we can aim to reflect and learn about ourselves there. And after all, is that not the beginning?

Building society
We are not planning and visiting the camp to go back to our everyday pressures and struggles, but to surpass these as a group. We find and create a community of people in out free space. The goal of climate justice cannot be reached in any other way. We do not have to be alone, should never have been alone and we will never be alone again.

There are already so many groups and people active everywhere. We want to help provide opportunities to introduce themselves, meet each other and bring to life new groups. Networking between groups for a more integrated movement, and networking between people of existing or new groups.

Action training
Climate justice is manual work! Just doing our best to live ecologically is nowhere near enough to save the community of living creatures inhabiting our planet. We must also move our fellow humans, and influence concentrations of power like politics and the economy to change. There is a wide spectrum of opportunities available to us to act from the field of direct action. direct action can either be aimed at changing things right now – such as sabotaging a coal digger -, but they can also be aimed at getting people to think – like placing banners in symbolic places, in the public sphere, flashmobs or subversive street theatre or clowning. Direct action can be anywhere along many spectrums: between pacifism or militance; public or hidden; legal or illegal. Which type of action, how radical it should be, these questions cannot be answered beforehand, but depend on the goals and circumstances of the action, as well as the capacities and capabilities of the person planning to undertake them. The camp should be a place for everyone to inform themselves abut the many facets of direct action, and to get creative! Most direct action requires only simple methods, a little imagination, organisation and solidarity. Where more is required, we aim to provide a place to learn the necessary skills to become active: climbing skills, making robust banners, street theatre and so many more. No matter how friendly or militant the chosen actions end up being: Most activists are confronted with varying levels of repression before, during or after action. From plans being listened in on, to being removed from a pace, fines, arrests or even prison sentences and police violence, there are many challenges that face activists. What tools we have at our disposal to fight against repression as activists, and how to prepare ourselves mentally is an essential part of every direct action training.