Founding principles

– we are not conservationists. We want climate justice, that means that we think and act and think of ourselves as an event in the “left” context. We do not stand for eco fascism.

– We are aiming for a society of responsible and autonomous individuals. In our current political system, families, school, work and clubs we often learn mostly to obey those higher in the power hierarchies. Creativity, responsibility and individual thoughts are seldom encouraged. If we ever want to achieve anything we have to reignite the flame inside each of us, see what must be done and lend a hand!

– For the camp itself that means that active participation in the organisation of the camp by everyone is heavily encouraged! The possibilities are endless: join us now in planning, think of a point in the program, help with cooking, cleaning, discussions, give massages, whatever has to be done! Don’t be scared to talk to those already more heavily involved, to get involved. “When you see a job it’s yours!” If you see something that needs doing, that’s already enough of a qualification to do that thing, or organise that it gets done.

– We want to escape the producer-consumer logic. We are organising the camp. Everyone. Together.

– Isms like racism and sexism surround our lives and permeate everything and everyone of us. At the climate camp we want to create a discrimination-free space of togetherness. Everyone should feel welcome and safe here. Sexism and racism are totally not tolerated! Be open, fair and respectful with each other. If you are unsure of something, ask thoughtful questions.

– A future of climate justice is incompatible with a future with capitalism. That is why, at the climate camp, we strive to avoid all the transitionary attitudes seen in society. Unfortunately there are things that are just not possible for us to access without money. That is why we are dependent on donations. That being said, monetary concerns should not stop anyone from attending. We will treat the expenses and income from donations transparently. How possible excess donations should be spent will be discussed at the end of the camp.